Best Place to Buy a Gun (2006)

Carter's Country

For Texans, "gun control" means using both hands, so it's no mean feat to be the greatest gun- and gun-related equipment retailer in Big H. Whether you've been buying and trading guns since you were knee-high to a bumblebee or you're a first-time shooter, Carter's Country has a full lineup. With an inventory ranging from brand-new cowboy-action guns to used hunting and assault rifles to reloading equipment for the true do-it-yourselfer, Carter's Country doesn't specialize in a type of gun as much as it specializes in guns. In addition to its tiered-price-level inventory, Carter's Country also offers gunsmithing service, gun storage, handgun classes and, at this location, an on-site shooting range with trap, skeet and clays. The knowledgeable staff can help any level of enthusiast, patiently explaining handling techniques, target types, bullet calibers, weights and powder grains. Well, shoot!


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