Best Place to Shop When You Don't Know What to Buy (2006)

Bering's Hardware

People who wander into Bering's Hardware expecting to find nuts and bolts and little else might find it confusing when they stumble onto the innovative cookware or the stationery section. They might be thrown by the unparalleled customer service and the divine smell of roasted coffee that lingers over the brass fixtures and ceramic drawer pulls. In fact, it seems like an old-fashioned general store. And like those multipurpose stores of old, this family-owned business has it all. Even when you don't know what to buy or what you're doing, you can spend an afternoon at Bering's mulling it over. Have a key made while you sit in one of the porch swings and ponder the wisdom of fountain pens. Pick out a tea kettle or a place setting. Buy a hammer or a hammock. Or buy nothing and browse at your leisure. The friendly staff knows you'll be back.


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