Best Franchise Owner (2006)

Bob McNair

Unless you were trapped under a large rock for the past eight months, you know that the Houston Texans have shaken things up a bit. Gone are oft-maligned GM Charley Casserly and oft-confused head coach Dom Capers. And though the changes appear to be for the better, the transition hasn't been without controversy. There was the whole picking-Mario Williams-over-Reggie Bush thing, which caused a near riot at Reliant Stadium on draft day. And owner Bob McNair enlisted the help of "consultant" Dan Reeves, essentially asking him to check Casserly's work. Yet fans have never turned on McNair, who has stood behind his new coach, his new No. 1 pick and his new direction. So commanding is his presence, detractors use words like "ownership" and "management" -- but never "Bob McNair." A class act, McNair has shown fans that he wants to win now, and that he will aggressively burn through time, money and personnel to do it.


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