Best Place for a Pickup Game (2006)

Fonde Recreation Center

It looks like a friendly neighborhood city parks department recreation facility, but local ballers know that the Fonde Rec Center is a hallowed hall for hoopers. For years NBA stars past and present have run pickup games on the center's basketball courts. The facility isn't far from the Toyota Center, so it's not uncommon to catch Rockets players running the lanes during the off-season. (Moses Malone and Steve Francis have been fixtures in the past.) Those looking to hop in on a game better bring it -- the ballin' locals and regulars dominate, and only the best can make it as a sixth man. Hoops reign here, as the center offers a free camp for kids and a city youth league. But if you're frustrated by wanting to break into a game, you can always hit the weight room -- or find peace at a tai chi class.


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