Best Putt-Putt (2006)

The Putting Edge

Maybe it's the trippy mushrooms and butterflies. Perhaps it's the gaping mouth on the great white shark. Or maybe it's just that everything around you is glowing: The funky neon murals and figures at The Putting Edge seem like they're straight out of a Tiger Woods acid trip; black lights splash on the neon set, casting a weird glow and highlighting every piece of lint on your shirt. The 18-hole setup offers all the kooky obstacles of your standard putt-putt course, but the dark room and distracting surroundings make things a little more challenging. Slap on a glowing bracelet, grab a beverage and putt your way through a weird jungle and forest, then through a medieval castle with sunken treasure. When you're finished, hop into one of the side rooms and tally up your score on the glowing tables, which leave an impression of your handprint long after you've left. It's a perfectly cool -- if weird -- way to work on your short game.


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