Best Texan (2006)

Dunta Robinson

On a team that boasts the inhumanly powerful and blazingly fast wide receiver Andre Johnson, it would seem blasphemous to name anyone else Best Houston Texan. But Andre the Giant, while ever fearsome, was felled by a lackluster offense last season. Truthfully, there were few obvious standouts in the 2005-06 campaign. But without question, Dunta Robinson was one. The second-year cornerback didn't show the flash of his 2004 rookie season, where he almost nailed Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, but on a Texans defensive unit that too often disappeared, Robinson always showed up. At five foot ten and 178 pounds (soaking wet with pads), Robinson was clearly the team's best hitter. He racked up 93 tackles and one highlight-reel-worthy interception against the Indianapolis Colts. The single INT is a sign that savvy teams aren't throwing the ball his way, the ultimate show of respect for a defensive back. Another show of respect: Robinson is one of the first names opposing teams request in trade talks. With the Texans revamping the defense this year, the young, diminutive Robinson promises to be a huge asset.


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