Best Movie Theater (2007)

Loews Fountains 18

A chain movie theater is the same everywhere, right? Not so with the one we affectionately call "Fountains." There are indeed fountains nearby, but we hardly ever notice them. We rush right past to get to the unassuming theater that boasts the most comfy seats in town. Maybe it's the vibes from the church that once met in the theater on Sunday mornings; maybe it's the cheery help; maybe it's the blend of folks who go there — if Houston is a melting pot, Fountains is a statistically representative sample. We love it better than all the other theaters, even those that specialize in indies or those that bring drinks and food to your table. It also serves as a Poor Man's Summer Camp: We recommend a self-scheduled double- or triple-feature on scathingly hot summer days. If there's a gap on your menu of movies, you can dash over to the major stores nearby. Or do what we do: Fill out the kiddie games on the placemats at nearby Avalon Diner.


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