Best Unexpectedly Good Juke (2007)


After a night of drinking enough to make you crave the food of whatever restaurant is in sight, you're not usually worried about the music that accompanies the meal. This is what makes Chapultepec's jukebox such a pleasant surprise. The music machine is loaded with enough classic jazz, soul, rock and Latino hits to make you want to stay past your late fill, which is good for those trying to sober up before the drive home. Albums include Coltrane's Love Supreme, Miles's Bitch's Brew, Fats Domino's greatest hits, plenty of Billboard Top 10 records (from the years when popular music didn't suck), Patsy Cline and even Linda Ronstadt's Canciones de Mi Padre. Many tracks might encourage you to continue the dancing at your table; just try to stay off the tables and chairs.

Location Details

813 Richmond Ave.
Houston TX 77006


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