Best Unsigned Band (2007)

500 Megatons of Boogie

Formerly known as The Squishees, who were formerly known as The Slurpees, 500 Megatons of Boogie offers up an original, post-punk sound. Led by Erik Westfall, who has played with such notable names as Randy "Biscuit" Turner, the group conjures up comparisons to Gang of Four, The Melvins and Link Wray. The three-piece also features longtime bassist Johnny Todd and former Squishees drummer Kent "The Fireman" Hassinger, who adds the much-needed danceable yet skillful beats the group missed in his absence. The band may not fill venues to capacity, but local sensations have proved that doesn't always mean good music. 500 Megatons released its latest collection of punk ditties in July, and it's chock-full of reasons for Houston music fans looking for something new to get on the ball and get ready to boogie.


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