Want to vary your fare from hardtack and salmagundi but don't want to reach too deep into your chest of doubloons? Climb aboard this old-school Houston survivor. Housed in what looks like a shrimp boat broken from its moorings and marooned on South Main, Captain Benny's serves raw oysters that are always juicy and flavorful, and the cold boiled shrimp are always iced down right and second to none. Whipping up your own shrimp dipping sauce is always fun — squeeze some fresh lemon in some red sauce, spoon in the horseradish and drizzle in the Tabasco. Order up a draft beer in a frosty mug, and you'll have a feast even Captain Morgan would drool over, and you won't even have to sack Maracaibo to pay for it.

Location Details

8506 S. Main
Houston TX 77025


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