The city's best cheeseburger starts with a half pound of juicy ground Kobe cooked medium-rare. The cheese is nothing less than triple cream brie, troweled on extra thick. The bun is a ­custom-baked brioche fashioned by the artisan crew at Kraftsmen Bakery. Once the burger is mounted on the roll, it is topped with the chef's own house-pickled jalapeños. The tomatoes are beefsteak or other top-quality varieties depending on the season, and the lettuce is organic. The price is a mere $18. With it, you might try a wine like the Saracco pinot nero, an Italian pinot noir that Max's sommelier describes as "an Italian dropkick to the mouth." It has a bright cherry-like flavor with none of the over-oaked gravitas too often found in American pinot noirs — just the wine for a Kobe-triple cream brie-burger.

Location Details

4720 Washington Ave.
Houston TX 77007


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