Late-night gangsters, early morning landscapers and afternoon hangovers have all come to depend on Poppa's grease. Grease can be like a starter for sourdough bread: A little is carried over from the previous batch to increase flavor. Poppa must have, like, heirloom grease or something. There's genuine flavor in every little greasy item they push through the little greasy security-barred window on Main Street. Try the burgers; the #9 is a double cheeseburger with bacon jala­peños, and a slice of Wonder bread in the middle separating the layers of hamburger and cheese. You can get a Little Pop burger for only $1.20 and chili cheese fries for $2.31. Poppa Burger serves breakfast around the clock, so when you get that craving for a grilled bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, look no further. Other menu items include grilled cheese, breakfast tacos, fried-fish baskets and hot dogs. Poppa Burger has been a greasy Houston institution for more than 50 years. And if you really like the place, you can be its MySpace friend.

Location Details

1622 N. Main
Houston TX 77009


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