Best Japanese Snack Food (2007)

Takoyaki Tea House

Houston is long on sushi restaurants, but Japanese street food is hard to come by. The expanse of Asian-melting-pot strip malls that are popping up seemingly overnight in Bellaire Chinatown seem to have forgotten about the Japanese entirely. Takoyaki Tea House is one of the exceptions. The menu here is limited, but it includes a variety of takoyaki, panfried balls of batter and filling topped with sweet mayo, wasabi, Japanese barbecue sauce and bonito flakes. Traditionally, takoyaki are made with octopus, but the shiitake and shrimp varieties are also good. As the name implies, Takoyaki Tea House has a large assortment of bubble and fruit teas to sip as you watch your takoyaki cook. Or you could just hang out in this cozy little spot and take advantage of the free wi-fi.


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