Chances are, if you do only one thing, you're gonna do it right. At Darband, all they do is kebabs and, yes, they do 'em right, every time. This is a no-nonsense place, where six bucks buys you a kebab plate like no other. Here, you get in line, review the menu on the wall above the cash register (there are pictures of the dishes to help you decide), place your order and pay. While you wait for your number to be called, wander over to the other side of the counter, where you'll see a person making fresh pita bread, which is baked in a special oven. Choose from kubdeh (ground beef), chengeh (lamb), chicken, shish (beef chunks), chello, barg or soltani. Most dishes come with grilled tomatoes and onions. Once your dish arrives, sprinkle on some sumac and squeeze some lemon on top. Let the juices blend with the bed of rice and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Don't forget to wait for the free hot tea after your meal.

Location Details

5670 Hillcroft
Houston TX 77036


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