It's the intensity of the flavors that sets Kasra apart. Take Kasra's khorake bademjan, a long-cooked lamb shank, for instance. The meat falls apart at the touch of a fork, but it's the tart sour grape and tomato sauce with the gooey eggplant slices that makes it shine. Even the rice is amazing. There's zereshk polo, which is basmati rice garnished with a pile of barberries, small dried Iranian berries that taste sort of like lemony raisins. And then there's sour cherry rice: cherries blended with cranberries, pistachios and almonds spooned over basmati. Pomegranate lovers will want to try the fesenjan, cubes of chicken cooked in an electric purple sauce of pomegranate juice, saffron and ground walnuts. Then there's the hamburger on a stick. Kasra's kubideh is made with a high-quality ground beef mixed with grated onion, garlic and lots of spices. Try some of that on a hot taftoon!

Location Details

9741 Westheimer
Houston TX 77042


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