Best New Development (If the Artist's Renderings Are True) (2007)

West Ave

The corner of Kirby and Westheimer has always seemed undeveloped, but that's about to change big-time. Gone are the Shell station and, more sadly, Jalapeño's Restaurant. So should we expect yet another dull strip mall, maybe livened up with a few allegedly classy architectural touches? Not this time. If the artist's renderings that line the protective fences around the site are to be believed (and if you can't trust an artist's rendering, what can you trust?), this is going to be one hell of an addition to the area. Apartments will be built over two floors of retail shops, restaurants and bars in what looks like an eminently walkable couple of blocks. We don't want to think just right now about what traffic will look like when this and several nearby projects are finished; right now we're just happy we're not getting another strip mall.


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