Best Weathercaster (2007)

Frank Billingsley

Hurricane season is the time of year when all the local weathermen and -women (and, ahem, dogs) tell you, time and time again, that you are about to die!!! All of them, that is, except for Channel 2's Frank Billingsley, who prides himself on not giving in to the hype. He was the first guy, after all, to make the call in 2005 that Rita was going to miss Houston. He never freaks out when a storm is barely within 1,000 miles of Texas, and he never delays the moment to tell folks when they're safe. He just gives the goods the way they are and the way they hopefully will be. Of course, by the time you read this, a hurricane could've blown Houston off the map and, thanks to Frank Billingsley, you might've stayed in town, but we're pretty sure that didn't happen.


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