Best Caterer (2007)

Adrian's Premiere Catering and Special Events

We had Thanksgiving catered from Adrian's – delivered to our home, no less – for pennies on the dollar for what it would have cost to cook it ourselves. And could we have duplicated Robert Campbell's succulent turkey or Tina Grimstead-Campbell's perfect po­tato salad? No way! Walk-in customers have learned that they can both place and pick up catering orders from Adrian's, as well as grab a custom-made salad or sandwich for lunch – all made with the freshest ingredients. If you like a berry cobbler featured one day, rest assured you can order a mega-size one to take home to feed your family reunion. It's strange how people suddenly invite themselves over for luscious home cooking – and it's strange how we're not real up-front about whose home was used for the cooking. This family-run catering company now also has a downtown storefront called The Jury's Out...To Lunch (815 Walker) in the historic Esperson Building, where they do a fair amount of business with law firms.


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