Best Astro (2007)

Craig Biggio

This hasn't been Craig Biggio's finest year. The 41-year-old has struggled in the batter's box and on the field, and sports-talk has been filled with calls for him to be taken out of the lead-off position. But Bidge, in 2007, broke into the ranks of one of baseball's most select groups: players who've gotten more than 3,000 hits. While the push for the milestone has been uglier than it should have been, the controversy shouldn't detract from the accomplishment. Or from all that Biggio has done over the years in Houston with his tireless work for his Sunshine Kids cancer charity. Biggio's a future Hall of Famer, he's provided years of thrills for Astro fans and he's been an inspiration off the field. We'll miss him when he's gone, no matter how much of a struggle the twilight of his career was.


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