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Best Of :: Sports & Recreation

Best Place for Judo

Martial arts schools that teach styles ending with chi or fu far outnumber those that specialize in ones ending with do in Houston. Chalk it up to large Chinese and Vietnamese populations and the better commercial viability of their flashier fighting techniques (the Jackie Chan factor). Those looking to study the Land of the Rising Sun's most sublime style of self-defense can end their search at Diamondback Judo Club. The school has three godans (fifth-degree black belts, for all you mudanshas) on staff and regularly hosts top visiting instructors. (A several-time Iranian champion was once a Diamondback instructor.) Classes are held in a converted industrial garage where there's plenty of room to swoosh your opponent through the air with a hikikomi gaeshi. And there's a thickly padded mat across the floor in case you're on the receiving end.

Best Aero

Ryan Stokes is a tough, physical defense man for the Houston Aeros, not afraid to pile up the penalty minutes or take on the other team's banger in a fight. But he also has another title: Reigning Connect Four Champ at the Aeros' Power Playroom. The playroom is in Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, and Stokes is a constant visitor, taking on all comers in Connect Four but also giving time to the patients. He's been active in educational projects, especially an anti-­bullying effort in HISD. (Who better to help you take on a bully than a burly hockey defense man?) The Ontario native may eventually follow fellow defender Derek Boogaard up to the NHL's Minnesota Wild, meaning maybe some of those sick kids will finally get a chance to win at Connect Four. Not that they're complaining, of course.

Best Astro

This hasn't been Craig Biggio's finest year. The 41-year-old has struggled in the batter's box and on the field, and sports-talk has been filled with calls for him to be taken out of the lead-off position. But Bidge, in 2007, broke into the ranks of one of baseball's most select groups: players who've gotten more than 3,000 hits. While the push for the milestone has been uglier than it should have been, the controversy shouldn't detract from the accomplishment. Or from all that Biggio has done over the years in Houston with his tireless work for his Sunshine Kids cancer charity. Biggio's a future Hall of Famer, he's provided years of thrills for Astro fans and he's been an inspiration off the field. We'll miss him when he's gone, no matter how much of a struggle the twilight of his career was.

Best Cheap Seats
Houston Aeros at Toyota Center

Hockey's a sport that truly needs to be seen in person. And the Houston Aeros make it possible to see the games while sitting in great seats with the best prices in Houston. The Aeros aren't a major league club. The team plays in the AHL minor league. But the team offers something that one doesn't see most nights with the Astros, the Rockets or the Texans: a group of kids who care. These kids need to hustle, to play at full speed, with passion and fire. That's the only way they're going to advance to the NHL. And one can sit in the lower bowl of Toyota Center for only 13 bucks and hear all of the hits and bangs. It's the best game in town for the best price in town.

1510 Polk, Houston, 77002
Best Coach

Who ever thought the small school out on South Main would ever develop a sports dynasty? Rice's best athletic days were thought to be mere nostalgia, but that's changed big time, thanks to coach Wayne Graham. College baseball has evolved into a sport for rich white kids (players who are poor and/or minority tend to head to the minor leagues out of high school), and Rice, with its reputation for academic excellence, is tailor-made for that demographic. Graham, a crusty old-timer who once played for Casey Stengel, is just as good a fit when it comes to coaching those guys. He's led the Owls to a slew of appearances in the College World Series, winning it all in 2003. He can be a bit hard on his pitchers — some of whom have had a hard time in the pros because of injuries — but what other coach in town is regularly expected to be competing for the championship each year?

Best Comet

Forward Tina Thompson was the first-ever draft pick for the WNBA, and she's been proving why ever since. Part of the 2004 gold-medal-winning Olympic team, the 6-foot-2-inch Thompson was key to the Comets' sweep of the first four WNBA Championships (1997-2000). Thompson has earned a slew of MVP and All-Star nods, including MVP for the 2000 All-Star game. She holds the record for the highest percentage of team points scored by a single player in WNBA history: a career-high 35 points that was 56.5 percent of Houston's total points in a game against the New York Liberty. She was the second player in the league to score more than 3,000 points and once hit 13 of 13 free throws in one game.


Best Place for Judo: Diamondback Judo Club


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