Best Play-By-Play Announcer (2007)

Bill Brown, Astros

Let's be blunt here: Take away a few legends like Vin Scully, and there's no better way, anywhere in the country, to follow a major-league baseball game than with Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies in the TV booth. Deshaies is funny as hell, has insight into the game and isn't afraid to speak his mind. It might seem that Brown does little more than play straight man to Deshaies's shtick, but that's not the case at all. True, he doesn't try to one-up Jimmy D on obscure music references (thankfully). But he keeps the viewer informed, offers cogent and concise analyses of his own and knows the rules of the game like he knows his own phone number. Even when the 'Stros are sucking, which is often, viewers on Fox Sports Southwest or Channel 51 can thoroughly enjoy the game listening to these guys.


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