The Alley Theatre's production of Theresa Rebeck's The Scene was one of the most deliciously disturbing productions of the season. Focusing on an out-of-work actor who spirals out of control, the story managed to make many wonderfully wry observations about the current human condition. Everything from television to overeating to vapid sex got a moment to shine in all its glorious hideousness. But the script, for all its cleverness, would not have been worth much without the great cast that director Jeremy B. Cohen put together. Each of the four actors in the show seemed born for their parts. Jeffrey Bean raged with brilliant craziness as broken Charlie; Elizabeth Bunch was equally terrific as beautiful bitch Clea; Liam Craig was yummy as quiet and kicked-about sidekick Lewis; and the only thing wrong with Elizabeth Rich as the much-abused Stella was that we didn't get to see more of her. Put them all together, and the four actors plus their director made theatrical dynamite.

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615 Texas Ave.
Houston TX 77002


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