Best Place to Drink on Your Way to Work (2008)

The Red Hog Saloon

Outside of Katz's Deli, taquerias with breakfast menus and Mary's, spots to get your a.m. drink on are few and far between. Those who want or need to get primed before that 10 o'clock sales meeting without the distraction of families eating migas or perhaps overly amorous patrons are S.O.L., unless they're fortunate enough to live near the Red Hog. Whether your approach to the office takes you down Long Point or Hempstead Road, this tavern in a former hot-sheet motel with Arkansas-themed decor has you covered. Six days a week, they open up at 8 a.m. for you red-eye imbibers. Let the rest of the world worry about spilling hot coffee in its collective lap — you just get your butt down to the Red Hog for a couple of cold ones. Bonus: They also serve booze-masking breakfast tacos — so your eye-openers can stay our little secret.


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