Best Place to See Naked People (2008)


Based on all the hookups-in-progress on a typical Friday '80s night at Numbers, maybe we should have called this category Place to See About-to-Be Naked People. And the stories we've heard about the people who couldn't wait until they got home and get it on in the lower Westheimer synth-pop/goth redoubt's bathroom stalls...So, although full-on nudity is rare — unless you're a voyeur peeking into those stalls, perv — Numbers is about as close as you can get without going to an actual strip club. "You may see some hot pants up someone's arse at Grasshopper, but Numbers is going to have ladies wandering around in thongs and pasties," says an inside source. "And guys walking around in thongs and pasties. It's the only place I've seen a male-female couple show up in that sort of matching apparel."

Location Details

300 Westheimer
Houston TX 77006


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