Best Unofficial Private Club (2008)

The Next Door Bar

No, the Next Door is not an after-hours club per se; no secret knock or any of that Al Capone-type stuff. However, if you're reasonably well acquainted with the staff and don't piss them off (which is not exactly easy to do, but it does happen), they're not always in a hurry to chase you home at the stroke of 2 a.m., either. We certainly don't want to get anyone in trouble, so we'll just leave it at that. (Yes, they do pick up the drinks, Mr. TABC man.) With its reasonable drink prices, first-rate jukebox, giant projection screen (often showing fare like Fight Club or one of the Terminator movies), air-hockey table and all sorts of funky art — the life-size wooden mummy sculptures are especially sweet — the Next Door kind of feels like an after-hours bar in the middle of the afternoon, too.

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Location Details

2020 Waugh
Houston TX 77006


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