Cevapcici, or cevaps for short, are the Slavic version of kebabs. It's also the Bosnian national dish and the signature item at Café Pita +, Houston's favorite Bosnian restaurant. To make cevaps, ground beef and lamb are mixed with pureed onions, herbs and spices, formed into cylinders and grilled. The result tastes like a hamburger and looks like a hot dog. An order of cevaps at Café Pita + gets you six meat cylinders sandwiched between the top and bottom of a hot lepinja, the spongy Bosnian bread that's a cross between pita and focaccia. The bread is split open and laid over the sizzling meat to soften it. Don't make the mistake of picking up the whole thing like a hamburger — your cevaps will end up on your shirt. Instead, tear off a piece of the flatbread and slather it with the red pepper and eggplant paste called ajvar and the white dairy spread called kajmak. Put in a cylinder of meat and some chopped onions, wrap, eat and repeat. You will soon be back for more.

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10852 Westheimer
Houston TX 77042


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