Best Martini (2008)

Timpano Martini Bar and Chop House

Anybody can make a martini: Shake the booze and ice till it's so cold you can't taste it or feel it going down your throat, making it easy to drink three in an hour and get so shit-canned you're wearing your necktie like a headband and telling your boss at happy hour what you "really think about your bonus." But can they serve it with three olives stuffed with ­prosciutto, blue cheese and caviar? Who is the glutton that thought of this? How rich and bored do you have to be to stuff three decadent ingredients into one of God's fruits and then soak it in a top-shelf vodka? What's next, a lobster mojito? If you don't mind supporting a corporate restaurant, then you probably won't mind spending $15 on a drink. Check it. Readers' Choice: Davenport


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