Best New Restaurant (2008)


They call the food at Feast "rustic European fare," and there's nothing else like it in Houston. Situated in a charming old house with a very relaxed and homey atmosphere, Brits Richard Knight (the chef) and James Silk (the butcher) are taking Houston tastebuds on a journey back in time, when people used to eat everything that a pig (and other animals) had to offer, from the snout to the tail to the blood, as in a typical black pudding — a carnivore's orgasm. The adventurous menu at Feast changes daily, so just when you find the perfect dish, it vanishes. How about pork cheeks or bone marrow soup, or maybe chicken hearts on toast? No? Well, if you're holding out for the good stuff, you'll love the braised neck of lamb, the beef tongue or lamb tongues or the tongue and testicles in green sauce (not available every day). Both Richard and James have worked for some prestigious, Michelin-rated places and people, most notably under Fergus Henderson of St. Johns, in London, where James acquired the "whole hog" approach to his cuisine.

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Location Details

219 Westheimer
Houston TX 77006


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