For those who want to live meat-free but still can't shake that craving for the forbidden, Quan Yin Vegetarian is the place. The soy substitutes come in just about every shape, color and type of animal that you'll find on a farm, and are as close to the real thing as you can get without drawing blood. One highlight of the extensive all-vegetarian menu is the soy-chicken and onions dish. Served with perfectly cooked broccoli florets, the tender chicken and sweet onions are brought to your table with a scoop of white rice. Thinly sliced ginger adds a nice kick. Bite after bite, your mouth will swear it's chicken while your mind will rest easy knowing it's not. The textures, colors and flavors in other dishes here get it right every time, and items like egg-less egg rolls make vegans happy as well.

Location Details

10804 Bellaire
Houston TX 77072


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