Best Local Bathroom Reading (2008)

The Police News

Published in Galveston and distributed throughout the region, The Police News ("Gulf Coast-Piney Woods Edition") is a fascinating combination of tabloid, blotter and public service. One front-page headline in its June issue screamed "Toddler: 'I Don't Want to Die'...Then Mom Stabbed Her" — 23 times before cutting the four-year-old's throat, in fact—while next to it was a captivating first-person account of two HPD officers and a cadet caught up in an after-hours gun battle at a Park Place beer joint they were busting for selling bootleg whiskey in 1964. Inside, the paper publishes names, mug shots and charges for the current most-wanted fugitives in Galveston, Brazoria and Montgomery counties (no Harris, though, oddly enough) — there are a lot of child-porn connoisseurs in the woods up north, apparently — and an enlightening article on "throw downs" (weapons planted at crime scenes by cops after unjustified shootings) that opines, "several officers' lives were ruined over two pieces of human garbage that were really not worth the effort."


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