Best Local TV Anchor (2008)

Mike Barajas

After almost 30 years in the news business, and more than 22 of those at Fox 26 News, anchorman Mike Barajas gives viewers a continuity that few others can. Barajas served as host of Hola Houston, a talk show that dealt with issues in the Hispanic community. He covered the first space shuttle disaster in 1986, and was there again when tragedy struck the shuttle in 2003. He interviewed Bill Clinton in the White House and covered the inauguration of former Texas Governor and President-elect George W. Bush. He followed Pope John Paul II's visit to San Antonio and then Mexico (Barajas even named one of his sons John Paul). But it isn't just the big stories that Barajas is interested in. Sitting at the anchor desk, Barajas takes everyday stories, such as a family home catching on fire, and brings them to the audience in a way that shows, for example, the impact the tragedy has on the family. A rare blend of caring and professionalism, Barajas sets the standard for other journalists in the city.


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