Best Place to Forget the Guy/Gal Who Cheated on You (2008)

The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club

Nobody is ever sad at The Big Easy, at least not for long. So what if your ex got over you in like two seconds and is now engaged to a millionaire? You can't be worried about that, there's music to dance to and booze to drink. There's live music almost every night, and most often there's no cover charge (when there is, it's a measly $5 or so). And Big Easy regulars do something called "blues dancing," a kind of do-your-own-thing-whatever-that-is style that includes lots of semi-grinding, sensual posing and shaking with some dips thrown in. "Blues dance" a couple of times and your ex won't even cross your mind.

Location Details

5731 Kirby
Houston TX 77005


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