Best Place to Look Like You're ­Exercising When You're Really ­Cruising (2008)

Memorial Park Jogging Trail

Historic Camp Logan, the WWI military camp, makes up much of the area that is now Memorial Park. These days, so many couples meet and date on its jogging trails, some call it Camp Romance. Memorial Park is one of the largest parks in the country and in addition to the jogging trails, there's a pool, a golf course, tennis courts, and...oh, what the hell...all you care about is cruising. And yes, there's plenty of cruising going on. Wearing skimpy shorts and tiny tops, joggers get a real look at what they're getting. Everyone is already sweating and breathing hard, jogging up and down, up and down, in rhythmic sync, up and down, so it's just half a step from really athletic sex. Love and seduction in running shoes — what could be better?

Location Details

6501 Memorial Dr.
Houston TX 77007


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