Rosalind Campbell and Blanca Aguirre, ­intrepid employees of Drive Thru Cleaners (owned by Michael Kaufman), have seen it all. If you inadvertently leave a thong (okay, in our case, granny panties) in your slacks, they ­discreetly hand it back. Need a fast fix for soiled clothing after a careless barista puts a cracked lid on your pumpkin spice latte, and your new suit — bought especially for that day's big meeting — gets a bath in the $5 brew? Sometimes, the only way to get it cleaned fast and best is by getting down to your Underoos — after all, you're wearing your car! "One man came in here and stripped down to his shorts," Rosalind told us. But he walked into their establishment to do it; we have the decency to stay in our car. (They deliver, if you're shy.)

Location Details

9401 Glenfield Court
Houston TX 77096


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