Best Psychic (2008)

Kim O'Neill

Clairvoyants come in all forms and fashions. You've got your palm-reading, spell-weaving mystical madams; your potion-brewing, crystal-gazing priestesses; and your all-out crazies. And that's just a slight sampling. Kim O'Neill doesn't fall into any of those categories, though. For one thing, she comes from a corporate background and says she didn't tap into her clairvoyant wavelength until later in life. It was during this particularly bleak time in her life, she says, that she met her guardian angel. And no, he didn't have majestic wings and some weird storybook name. He was a regular-looking dude named John Reid. And that helps illustrate where O'Neill is coming from: She encourages clients to come with a list of questions, so everyone can get right down to business. She's about pragmatic, positive results. And she says she'll show you how to talk to your guardian angel on your own — something she's touched on in one of her books. She lays it all out on her Web site, so you know up front whether this is someone you want to go on a journey with. We think you probably will.


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