Really into all things organic? Well, don't forget about your clothes. At Green by Adeline, we're not talking just cotton. No, no. We mean bamboo, beach wood tree and wood pulp. Of course, the trees have been beaten and processed into thread, which is then woven into soft, scrumptious fabrics. Safe, chemical-free, organic dyes are used to produce a variety of deep, lush colors. You'll find simple, well-designed 100-percent organic T-shirts, tops, dresses, pants, sweaters and more. And the best part of it all is, not only are you doing your bit to save Mother Earth, but you're cutting down on dry-cleaning expenses, because all of Adeline's clothing is simple wash-and-wear, with a mostly wrinkle-free finish. The Richmond Avenue location opened less than a year ago and its offerings have already earned rabid fans.

Location Details

5136 Richmond Ave.
Houston TX 77056


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