Are you a parent who feels like you're going to snap if you see that freaking Geoffrey the Giraffe one more time? Well, there is a surefire way to avoid stepping into that developmentally delayed mutant of a mammal's lair ever again: Fundamentally Toys. First of all, they have a "toy philosophy," which sounds pretty darn cool, and what parent worth his or her salt wouldn't agree with this: "While playing should always be FUN, it must also be taken seriously. Children are building a variety of skills, talents and abilities as they play. Their playthings should enrich and enhance their development." The store backs that up with a ton of exciting and educational games and toys. Plus, they plan and host theme birthday parties, providing the activities and the cupcakes, so you can kick back and actually have time to enjoy things — without once ever having to check behind your back for that long-necked behemoth.

Location Details

1963 W. Gray
Houston TX 77003


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