Best Band to Get Together in the Last Year (2009)

Roky Moon & BOLT

Sometimes a music scene doesn't even know it's been missing a band until that band shows up. That was the case back in January, when Roky Moon & BOLT appeared fully formed one chilly evening at Walter's on Washington. Within about five minutes of going onstage, Moon and friends — cobbled together from American Sharks, Black Black Gold and a couple of other local bands in various stages of activity – made us realize how much Houston needed a vintage glam-rock band that sounded like they just fell to Earth à la David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars. BOLT only played a few songs, but immediately afterward people began arguing whether the band's Houston-size hooks were closer to T. Rex or the New York Dolls. We stick with what we said back then: For local glam fans, BOLT is a moonage daydream come true.


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