Best Band to Leave Town (2009)


It gets frustrating, growing to love a local band and then watching it move on to greener pastures. In Houston, as we all know, that happens to more bands than it doesn't (though, thankfully, somewhat less so lately). At least indie-twang duo Papermoons had a better reason for decamping for Austin and Ohio than simply wanting to be in a better scene; namely, a family illness and longtime girlfriend. Had they stuck around, Papermoons would have been one of the leading lights of Houston's new-school Americana scene (Buxton, News on the March, Grandfather Child), and the gorgeously sad songs of 2008 LP New Tales might have even landed them an opening spot for Ryan Adams & the Cardinals on their next trip through town. But unlike some of Houston's other musical expatriates, Papermoons bear the Bayou City no ill will, and return often enough that it almost seems like they're still a local band. "We aren't good friends with any bands here in town, and we hardly ever play in Austin," says Papermoons' Daniel Hawkins. "It'll take a while for us to get anywhere close to what we have in Houston. Houston will always be where we feel that we are from."


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