Downing Street was a little slice of paradise for both cigar aficionados and part-time stogie-smokers even before the fascists on City Council banned smoking in bars; but after that anti-Texan, anti-American chokehold went into effect, Downing Street became even more important. It's great to have a place like Downing Street, where a grown-up can unwind at the end of a long day with a single-malt and a Davidoff. Or if that's not your style, just check out the exquisite selection in the pub's 400-square-foot humidor, where a knowledgeable and courteous assistant will offer suggestions and a light. Then you can retire to one of the cozy booths or plush leather chairs or couches and thank the stars that, at least for now, such an elegant, classy refuge hasn't been forced out of business by the compassionate nanny-politicians who think they know what's best for you. In fact, let's have a Chivas and Fuente in their honor.

Location Details

2549 Kirby
Houston TX 77019


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