In this city of carnivores, choosing a steak night — by which we mean, a pre-designated night a local tavern fires up the grill outside, not a trip to Fleming's or Texas Land & Cattle — is as easy as choosing which night of the week you want to eat steak. Some places even do it twice a week. And although Griff's and Cedar Creek have their supporters, Bissonnet tropical oasis Under the Volcano is still Houston's grade-A choice prime cut to us. Every Monday night, the Volcano crew grills up succulent strips or robust ribeyes for about a third of what similar cuts would cost in a steakhouse. Volcano's signature condiment is the pungent chimichurri (a sort of Argentine pesto), but the steaks are so well-seasoned we usually don't even need it, and the drippings make a fine gravy for the extra-garlicky side of mashed potatoes. Wash it down with one of the bar's homemade cocktails or one of its many specialty beers — our hearts will always be true to locally brewed Saint Arnold's Amber, at least in summertime — and don't forget to ask for a to-go box. You'll need it.

Location Details

2349 Bissonnet
Houston TX 77005


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