Best Local Blog (2009)

Lose an Eye, It's a Sport (Cory Crow)

Accountant Cory Crow spun off Lose an Eye from earlier blog Isolation Desolation in 2006, and we're glad. For three years now, Lose an Eye has been — dare we say it? — an entertaining and educational brew of Space City politics and culture, with sharp writing, links to a wide variety of media, and one of our favorites, The Houston Political Dictionary. Here are two "R" entries: "Renewal, urban: an idea pushed by primarily wealthy, primarily Caucasian political leaders living just outside of the urban core to entice people to forget why it is they wanted so desperately to move out of said area to begin with"; "Revitalize: The urban renewal equivalent of dressing up the body for a funeral." Like we said, the dude's good. [Note: Sadly, the eye has been lost for good: Crow announced on September 15 that he's done with the blog.]


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