Best Twitterer (2009)

Dwight Silverman

Twitter has become increasingly important in both social and business circles, a fact that baffles the general public. How could a "micro-blogging service" that seems to be a vast ocean of noise in 140-character segments be so significant? And how does one use it? That's where Houston-based Dwight Silverman comes in. An early adopter of Twitter (he's been using the service since 2006), Silverman uses his many years of tech experience as the blog editor at the Houston Chronicle, author of several computer books and co-host of the KPFT radio show Technology Bytes, as well as his gentle yet wise hand, to guide the Houston (and national) community of Twitterers. Silverman conveys Twitter-related updates and information throughout the day as well as providing an example to his nearly 6,500 followers of how to be a valuable and influential member of the online community. His Twitter stream is tech-heavy (as are a lot of Twitter users' streams for now), but also features interesting non-tech links and helpful advice to anyone who turns to him with a question.


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