Best Clothing Store for Rappers (2009)


When out-of-town rap stars find themselves in Houston, their itinerary might include a stop at SF2. Owner Teresa Waldon travels far and wide (okay, mostly New York City and Los Angeles, but still) to get the scoop on what's hot, and her stores (there's also a smaller one near Sharpstown Mall) carry a selection of brands and styles diverse and fresh enough to make the likes of Rick Ross and Jadakiss come in and sign their names on the wall. At the Sharpstown location, the back wall is a glass case of high-tops to make any aficionado drool — Adidas and Reebok, sure, but also Creative Recreation (Los Angeles), A-Life (New York) and PF Flyers. Clothing brands range from skate-savvy Supra to Crooks and Castles to Paul Wall's Expen$ive Taste and T.I.'s Akoo. If you need a little wisdom on the different choices, the well-schooled staff is happy to fill you in.

Location Details

215 W. Greens Rd.
Houston TX 77067


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