Best Vintage Clothing Store (2009)

The Way We Wore

Like going through a dead person's closet, a trip through this dank, overstuffed resale mecca is both slightly unsettling and morbidly fascinating. Most of the digs are so dated even the hipsters wouldn't dare to try and pull them off — glittery space boots, flower-power clothes-traptions, blue tuxes, furry vests, Hunter Thompson-esque vacation shirts. There are surely salvageable items buried somewhere, but the place is mostly a history lesson on woebegone fashion, and a place to buy costumes — self-styled, or the actual (and similarly dated) ones available to rent or own in the back room, which include giant bunny, Barney and chipmunk furry suits, a slice of pizza, and Space Ghost. Bonus points for the speaker-lined egg-chair and working Weltron radio, though, sadly, neither is for sale.

Location Details

2602 Waugh Dr.
Houston TX 77006


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