One of the best views in Houston does not require you take an elevator or a helicopter. How can that be, you ask? Grab your Big Bertha and get thee to Wildcat Golf Club. From the driving range, you can see several H-Town high-rises, along with Reliant Stadium, the beautiful water hazards in the Lakes course, some Longhorn steers and — fore! The stellar view is so distracting, you may forget to keep your eye on the ball. Buckets of balls can be had for $5 — a bargain anywhere — and pro instruction is available at the bottom of the hill, at Matt Swanson's School of Golf. Keep your St. Andrews; we like Wildcat. Built on a landfill, it's one of the city's best examples of refurbishing.

Location Details

12000 Almeda Rd.
Houston TX 77045


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