Best Festival (2010)

Houston Fringe Festival

Arts fans around the city hold a special place in their hearts for BooTown's Houston Fringe Festival. This year the little festival that could included a lineup of cutting-edge artists in theater, music, dance, film, performance art, puppetry and work that defies categorization. Spread out over several venues in the Montrose/Museum District, the week-long festival featured appearances by local favorites Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company, Pandora Theatre, The 48-Hour Film Project: Houston, and Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, among others. Also on the program were Raleigh's Code F.A.D. Company (a group that mixes film, art and dance onstage) and San Antonio's ChinaCat (a dance/design/fire show production company — oooh, a fire show!). While well produced and steadily growing in scope and size, the festival still has an endearing "Hey, let's get together and put on a show!" feel.


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