Best Graffiti Artist (2010)


Graffiti guru GONZO247 is equal parts artist, entrepreneur, organizer, curator, activist, teacher and all-around good guy. Working in the field for more than 20 years, GONZO247 has had his edgy, powerful work on walls around the country, as well as in galleries — including his own Aerosol Warfare Gallery, part of a store-front gallery/shop/studio he founded to promote graffiti and urban art. As a curator, he's presented a number of shows, including one recently that brought attention to the issue of battered women. He's also organized a video series to document graffiti artists' lives and work. Coming up he's got "Graffiti Gala 2010 Houston," a large-scale show and fundraiser benefiting the CKC StART Street & Graffiti Art Workshops, where he teaches others, from kids to seniors, how to create urban art. Those are his work credentials; as far as the good guy part, you'll just have to take our word for it.


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