Best Poster Artist (2010)

Jason McElweenie

Jason McElweenie must have a thing about clowns. "They're children of the devil!" vows the Houstonian of six years. A couple of the Canadian native's recent Warehouse Live concert posters have featured the grease-painted harlequins — and not the benign jack-in-the-box/Bozo variety, but sinister-looking clowns like something out of the imagination of Stephen King or even John Wayne Gacy. The downright evil-looking gap-toothed rodeo tramp adorning a pack of cigarettes on his Reverend Horton Heat/Cracker poster is probably our favorite. But besides clowns, McElweenie has a knack for off-kilter interpretations of Norman Rockwell-esque Americana in general — creepy old houses (Little Joy), cigar-store Indians (Tricky), sailor-suited cherubs (Fishbone), seedy roadside motels (Passion Pit) — in his visually striking, lushly colored artwork.


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