Most cities don't have the incredible diversity of food that we as Houstonians enjoy. Try finding a kolache in Seattle, for example. Fortunately, our fair city is filled with kolache makers — big and small, new and old, authentic and non. Our favorite? We drool over the boudin kolaches from the Shipley Do-Nuts on North Main near I-45. Every week this Shipley location receives a shipment of boudin from New Orleans and stuffs it by the spoonful into their soft and fluffy kolache shells. The result is a warm pocket that's just the right mix of savory 'n' spicy: an absolute breakfast delight. As you savor, be sure to tip your hat to the culture collision in effect. On the one hand there's the boudin, a quintessentially Cajun invention of pork sausage and rice. And yet it arrives in a kolache, a deliciously Czechoslovakian vessel. It's the perfect marriage of not-at-all-related cultures. Globalization rules!

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3932 N. Main
Houston TX 77009


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